1991 – I start playing the piano at the age of 10. I arrive
to the first lesson with a piece of my own already, and have been dedicated to
composing music ever since.

1994 – The second musical love of my life, the drum! The
first time I sat behind a drum set was in April 1994 and after 1 week (!) of
practice, although only under the pressure of necessity, I was playing the
drums at a Gospel music fest in Szombathely – an unforgetable memory...

1999 – I participated in the first Gospel Festival in

2002 – It becomes clear to me that faith is indispensable to
my life. Therefore the musical theme that of the Gospel became the area where I
truly feel to be home at, and also the device through which I can really give
to others.

2006 – I get married, and by today I am a father of two and a
happy husband.

2007 – Due to his invitation, I join the new team of Béla
Pintér, where I was instrumental in two of his discs (2008 Mesés Valóság; 2009
Gospel – Valódi gyöngyszemek), and apart from working
together in the studio, we play together about 200 times visiting the country
and our Hungarian friends abroad (Transylvania, Carpathian Ruthenia, Upper Hungary).

2010 – By the time of this year, I
slowly start to feel that I am maturing, growing up. The direction of my own
musical and lyrical style has unequivocally developed. I find the members whom
I can play and work with, but even more importantly, it is the faith in God
that binds us together.

2010 – We create our first,
indipendent track, titled „Legnagyobb Ajándék.”

2011 – The year when our new track,
„Egyetlen Út” is released.