Szabó Balázs
Szabó Balázs - Van Élet
"Fel nem adom"
Váltság Válság (official video)

Often times I hear: No wonders exist! But as for me, I firmly believe, that they do! The first is happening to you, dear Visitor, while surfing on this site.


I staked my all upon a single cast. I fight for no other aim but to tell: There is such a love that never fails us- God’s love towards us. I am to talk about it genuinely, and boldly, proclaiming my faith and opinion thorugh my personality, in an easy-going and youthful style, playing my songs in funky, and pop-rock.


I’d like to see gospel music recognised, loved and well-known in Hungary, but more to see the Gospel conforting and comfrontig people while encountering the love of our Creator.


The prime element of humans is dreaming… and fulfilling the dreams given by God. It’s a fact that, redeeming our dreams is rugged, and since rugged is the way, only some can achieve them, but they are so sweet, and are worth the fight. And I’m convinced, that my dream of our home country getting acquainted with Christ, and recovering from it’s moral disease will be accomplismed. The Mission is possible J

Enjoy your time on the site,